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Sol Sparked Radio - Freestyle, Self Help

Mister Anu

Welcome to Sol Sparked Radio, the first ever Freestyle Self Help Radio show!Here, its ALL Freestyle, ALL the Time!By freestyle, I mean free to be me I’m your: ✨-Radio Host ☀️-Musical Artist-Spoken Word Artist-Spiritualist-Astrologist-Perceptional Engineer 🌙-General Educator-Mental Health Coach-Lifetime LearnerAll in one package. 🚀*The beat makes me speak 🗣 **The God in me let’s me flow. **The music 🎶 plays freely. *So, Tap into yourself with a little bit of #Sol #Enspiration.That good ole “Inspiration from that Self”!SoL Enspiration, ⚡️ is a tool for self inspired motivation.Spark Your Self #solsparkshop.comSol Sparked Radio S.1**Season 2 Coming June 8th!**#radio#podcast#Inspiration#Motivation#Music#SpokenWord#Spiritual#anditsallfreestyleAs always, thank you for listening!Follow@chillhopmusic @itsmeneedle @mishabeats @ruckp @philanthrope_@cloudchord @cygnartist @toonorth_